Seedo Auto Home Grow Device $3,000$2,400

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$3,000 $2,400
Auto Home Grow Device
Pay $499 now
the balance upon delivery
  • FREE full growing kit with every purchase
  • Estimated delivery October 2019
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  • FREE full growing kit with every purchase
  • Estimated delivery October 2019
  • Shipping & taxes may apply
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Package includes:
  • Air filter
  • Pack of 2 CO2 cylinders
  • Android and IOS Mobile app
  • 2 nutrients containers
  • Growing slab for up to 5 plants
  • Water filter
starter kit
“This automatic grow machine will save you thousands of dollars”
“This Automatic Device is the Tesla of Growing”
“The most compact of the auto grow boxes”
“A /new device will grow for you then let you know it’s ready”
“Meet the 9 Finalists of Calcalist’s Promising Startup Competition”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Seedo?
    • Seedo is the first fully automatic growing device for all types of herbs.
  • Where does Seedo ship to?
    • Currently we ship to: North America, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Israel.
  • Is using Seedo as easy as it sounds?
    • Seedo allows you to grow any plant like a true professional, implementing a different growing plan for each plant. There’s no need for any prior knowledge or experience, Seedo will do all the work for you.
  • What do I need to do while my plant is growing?
    • Once you choose a growing plan, Seedo will get things going and will only notify you occasionally via your smartphone app. You don’t have to be physically near the device since you can control everything through the app.
  • How many plants can I grow in each cycle?
    • Seedo can grow up to 5 plants at once. In case you want Seedo to grow completely automatically, you should grow one plant. If you grow 5 plants, you will have to spend some “work” of trimming.
  • Does any smell leak out during the growing?
    • Absolutely none! Seedo is hermetically sealed. Nothing goes in and nothing gets out.

High Quality

Seedo provide Lab conditions
for maximum results.

No Pesticide

Seedo is hermetically closed system,
as a result germs can not go in.


Grow like a pro by a click of a botton.


You can easily install it yourself,
and start growing.

Grow the Strain
You Like

Choose a growing plan for any type
of strain you like.

Get the App

Seedo comes with a friendly app to help you monitor
and control everything with minimal effort on your part

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