• What is Seedo?
    • Seedo is the first fully automatic growing device for all types of herbs.

  • Where does Seedo ship to?
    • Currently we ship to: North America, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Israel.

  • Is using Seedo as easy as it sounds?
    • Seedo allows you to grow any plant like a true professional, implementing a different growing plan for each plant. There’s no need for any prior knowledge or experience, Seedo will do all the work for you.

  • What do I need to do while my plant is growing?
    • Once you choose a growing plan, Seedo will get things going and will only notify you occasionally via your smartphone app. You don’t have to be physically near the device since you can control everything through the app.

  • How many plants can I grow in each cycle?
    • Seedo can grow up to 5 plants at once. In case you want Seedo to grow completely automatically, you should grow one plant. If you grow 5 plants, you will have to spend some “work” of trimming.

  • Does any smell leak out during the growing?
    • Absolutely none! Seedo is hermetically sealed. Nothing goes in and nothing gets out.

  • How much energy does Seedo consume?
    • Seedo’s average power consumption is 0.24 kWh

  • Does Seedo use any pesticides?
    • Hell no! Seedo is an airtight system. No germ can enter it, so there is no need for pesticide.

  • How many watts are your LED lights?
    • Seedo advanced LED lights system uses full spectrum LED light, which provides the plant the exact amount of light spectrum it needs for the growing & flowering phases.

      In addition, due to Seedo patent pending light system, the lights keep a short distance from the plant giving it the right amount of energy it needs for growing at any given time while using low amounts of electricity saving power and minimizing heat build-up.

  • What do I get when I order Seedo?
    • With your purchase of a Seedo device, you will receive the Seedo unit along with everything you need to start growing:

      • 1 Nutrients package
      • 2 CO2 bottles
      • Grow Slab
      • 1 Air filter
      • 1 Water filter
      • Free IOS/Android App
  • Child Safety Lock
    • Seedo can be opened only via phone App, so nobody can open the door

  • Does Seedo come with a warranty?
    • Indeed, every purchase of Seedo includes a one-year manufacture’s warranty.

  • What happens in case of an electric outage or electric break?
    • Don’t worry about it. Seedo keeps your plant perfectly safe as long as the outage is less than 12 hours long.

  • Which plants can I grow with Seedo?
    • In addition to medicinal herbs, Seedo can grow any type of greens, such as lettuce, kale and wheatgrass; Herbs, such as parsley, dill, basil and spinach; vegetables and fruits, including cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and strawberries; and eve flowers.

  • What’s in the Seedo plant nutrition?
    • Seedo’s nutrition system was developed by a dedicated agronomist, especially for hydroponic growing within a relatively compact size. Our carefully selected nutrition is comprised of 100% natural ingredients and all the minerals required for sprouting, growing and flowering.

  • Where can I buy seeds?
    • We do not sell seeds, you may find seeds at many online stores

  • Where should I place Seedo??
    • Seedo can be placed in any room with an electric outlet. A room with a water faucet, such as the kitchen, garage or washing room is even better.
      If there is no water supply connection near the machine, you have the option to manually fill Seedo with water yourself, up to 2 times during the growing cycle.

  • What is the weight of Seedo?
    • Seedo weight is approx. 55 lbs / 25 Kg

  • What are Seedo dimensions?
    • Seedo dimensions are 40” x 24.4” x 24.4” / 101 cm x 62 cm x 62 cm

  • Does Seedo size affect the yield?
    • Absolutely not! Seedo is extremely space-efficient and was designed to create ideal conditions for your plant, enabling it to grow from side to side. Due to our advanced LED patent pending – the lights keep ultimate distance of 16” / 40 cm from the plant, as a result the yield is high.

  • What’s Seedo return policy?
    • You may cancel your order at anytime prior to shipping.
  • What happens in case I don’t want to pay the balance?
    • If you don’t pay the balance we will not ship Seedo to you.

  • Will you charge my credit card for the balance automatically?
    • No, once we ship the product, we will send you an email and ask for your credit card information for charging the balance.

  • Will you save my credit card information?
    • We do not save the credit card information; we will contact you again via email in order to get your credit card information again for the balance.

  • What do I need to do when I get Seedo?
    • Simply plug Seedo into an electrical outlet. Connect it to a water faucet, or use the external water tank. Then pair your device to your iPhone or Android choose the growing plan based on the seed you put in, and let it grow.




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